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John Tyler (our 10th President) Still Has a Living Grandson

John Tyler (our 10th President) Still Has a Living Grandson
October 07
08:30 2020

President Tyler’s Grandson Dies at 95

Another one lives On



 By John Christian Hopkins


Harrison Ruffin Tyler (still with us)

Surely you remember President John Tyler? He was the 10th president of the United States!


Yeah, that was a long time ago.


How long, you wonder? Tyler was sworn in in 1841. That’s 20 years BEFORE the Civil War began. It was barely five years after Davy Crockett fell at the Alamo. General Custer was barely a year old.


We’re talking a long time, folks.


How can a man who was President 179 years ago still have a living grandson?


Well, here’s the story.


John Tyler is largely forgotten today, though he caused a stir during his own lifetime. Tyler was the first vice president to assume the top spot after the elected president died in office.


That president, the 9th, was Gen. William Henry Harrison. He was the popular one and his campaign was “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too.” That was in reference to a major victory Harrison won during the War of 1812.


But Harrison – perhaps like a more modern president – wanted to prove his vigor and project an image of strength. He insisted on giving a long inauguration speech during a freezing drizzle. The result was that Harrison came down with pneumonia and died 31 days after taking office.


This led to Tyler.


Political foes sought a new presidential election, noting that no one voted for Tyler to be president. Tyler argued that the Constitution clearly spelled out the role of the vice president and he demanded to be treated like any other president.


So both the Republicans and Democrats did. Both parties hated him because he was a Whig. By the way, the Whigs came to hate him, too, and expelled him from the party in 1844. Tyler is also the only president to rebel against the United States. He died in 1862, shortly after being elected to the Confederate House of Representatives.


But Tyler does hold two presidential records. First he served the longest term of any unelected president. Also, he had 15 children, more than any other president.


In 1853 Tyler had a son – Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. – who was president of William & Mary College and a fierce critic of Abraham Lincoln.


Ironically, Lyon Tyler died on Lincoln’s birthday in 1935, at the age of 81.

But just as President Tyler had children late in life, so did Lyon Gardiner, Sr. His son Lyon Tyler, Jr., was born in 1925.


Lyon Tyler, Jr., grandson of President Tyler, died September 26 at the age of 95!

But Lyon Tyler, Jr., is survived by a brother – 92-year-old Harrison Ruffin Tyler!


So the 10th president still has one grandchild still living!


John Tyler (our 10th President) Still Has a Living Grandson - overview

Summary: John Tyler (our 10th President) Still Has a Living Grandson


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