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Interstate 11 Feasibility Study

June 17
16:09 2014

The Interstate 11 Feasibility Study invites your participation in public meetings in Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas this month as the two year study wraps up.

Hoover Dam I-11Interstate 11 would connect Phoenix and Las Vegas with a multimodal interstate corridor that can include a highway, freight rail, passenger rail, pipeline, energy and utility transmission running parallel to each other. The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Nevada Department of Transportation have jointly funded this two year feasibility study through federal allocations and state resources.

No funding is currently available for construction, only this initial feasibility study. If need is established in the feasibility study, there would be more detailed studies such as environmental and engineering conducted. You can stay informed about Interstate 11 and send in comments by visiting

The three public meetings scheduled are Tucson June 18, Phoenix June 25, and Las Vegas June 26. This information will become part of the Corridor Concept Report that determines whether sufficient justification exists. The four parts of the report are the need for a high-capacity, multimodal corridor to link economies; corridor alignment recommendations that link metro areas and connect communities; the economic value of investment in the corridor; and a call to action, emphasizing the need for continued collaboration to move the Interstate 11 and Intermountain West Corridor forward.

While the exact route for Interstate 11 and the Intermountain West Corridor has not been determined, this Interstate could eventually stretch south to Mexico and north to Canada. Congress designated the future Interstate 11 corridor between Phoenix and Las Vegas as part of the current surface transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.

Special to Lake Powell Life by Pam Brown

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