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How Prepared Are We For Natural Disaster?

How Prepared Are We For Natural Disaster?
July 09
14:02 2018

With horrible disasters in the news regularly such as the recent storm that devastated Japan last week, the wildfires that currently burn out of control along the California Oregon border, the hurricanes that seem to rock the southern states every year at some point- do you ever wonder how prepared your state is for a natural disaster? Using data from all of the major agencies such as FEMA, the National Guard and the American Association of Civil Engineers, the engine protection group Gold Eagle Company has compiled their ranking of all 50 states based on their disaster preparedness.

Coming in at #1 Iowa was the most prepared for most common types of disasters, with this month (July) being the worst month for them every year. The top five rounded out by Washington, Oregon,  West Virginia and Illinois.

While Arizona didn’t make the top five we also were not on the top five least prepared states, which is a good thing. That honor goes to Texas at #1, followed by Louisiana, Kentucky, Nebraska and Tennessee.

So where does Arizona and Utah fit in there? Arizona was ranked 19th most prepared state for natural disasters. Utah came in at #30.

The report is fascinating, many additional benchmarks they ranked, breaking it down state by state as to which disasters they are most and least prepared for. Read the entire report here.

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