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How Page Voted

How Page Voted
November 16
11:18 2016

In last week’s General Election, Page proved to be a red outlier in a decidedly blue Coconino County.

64% of the votes cast in Page for President were cast for president-elect Donald Trump. 1,296 Page citizens voted for Trump, while only 730 voted for Clinton.

Page also supported John McCain for senate in almost an identical split over Ann Kirkpatrick. 1,294 votes were cast for McCain with only 765 being cast for Kirkpatrick.

As a county, Coconino voted democrat in both presidential and senate races.  For President, Coconino County had nearly 9,000 more votes for Clinton than Trump. Kirkpatrick won Coconino County by over 6,000 votes.

Statewide, Trump won Arizona 1,218,966 – 1,123,669 and McCain defeated Kirkpatrick 1,320,921 – 998,882.

In the race for the Congressional District 1 seat, Tom O’Halleran defeated Paul Babeu in a landslide in Coconino County 26,739 – 14,771. However, Page stuck with their red ways voting pro-Babeu 1,094 – 867.

Unlike the race for President and Senator, Page was not in line with the rest of Arizona as O’Halleran defeated Babeu 137,295 – 117,533.

Page supported the legalization of recreational marijuana. In a narrow margin, 1,149 votes were cast for Prop 205 with 1,105 cast against it. The support for regulating marijuana like alcohol was in step with Coconino County, as the county supported the proposition 24,398 – 21,217.

Prop 205 ultimately failed however, with 52% of statewide voters opposing the proposition.

Page played a big role in Prop 410 failing. The proposition to raise property taxes to fund Coconino Community College lost by 2,800 across the county, in Page alone 1,510 no votes were cast to only 693 yes votes.

Prop 410 failed to garner much support out of Flagstaff. Coconino County’s largest city voted for Prop 410 11,313 – 8,375. But outside of Flagstaff the Proposition garnered 15,008 “No” votes to just 9,262 “Yes” votes.

The only thing Page, Coconino County, and Arizona unanimously agreed on was the raising of minimum wage. The city, county, and state all voted in favor of Prop 206.

Although these numbers are unofficial as the counting of absentee and provisional ballots continue, they do give us a good view into the political leanings of Page.

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