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How is the Pandemic Affecting Sports at PHS?

April 18
05:06 2020

How is the Pandemic Affecting Sports at PHS?

This coronavirus pandemic going on across our country, and the entire world, has changed everything. One area we were curious about was how this situation will affect scheduling for the next school year. But also, how has it affected athletic scholarships for seniors across America, and in particular, in Page America.

So we turned to the high school’s Athletic Director, Ernie Rivers, about those important topics.

He says scholarships ‘could’ be affected.

“Yes, that’s always a possibility since the students didn’t get to participate in the spring,” he said. “But we do have students who are in talks right now.”

One senior softball player, according to the AD, has signed with a program; Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC). They have campuses in Rangely and Craig, Colorado.

Rivers identified the player as Shelby Blake.

“She just signed with them, and she’s our ‘stud’ pitcher; an extremely good player,” he said.

Rivers told us he’s been to the CNCC Rangely campus, which is north of Grand Junction. He actually coached Utah State University baseball and girls basketball there.

Page’s Camryn Nockideneh.

“It was quite a drive when I was coaching in Logan, Utah. Rangely is up in the mountains. It’s similar to Flagstaff, but not nearly as large,” said Rivers.

But what about the fall sports schedule at Page?

“It is close to being set,” said the AD. “I’ve got most of soccer done and football is done, for the most part.”

He told us though, the football schedule has been interrupted by, of all things, lawsuits.

“A couple of schools have been moved up in divisions, and they feel as though they should not have been moved up,” said Rivers.

Those lawsuits will be heard, not by the AIA (Arizona Interscholastic Association) , but in a real courtroom, sometime in May or June.

“I don’t know if they’re going to win or lose, or how it will affect our scheduling,” added the AD. “But it will affect our division (3-A).

Round Valley HS was moved up to Page’s division, and Northwest Christian High School was kicked up from 3-A to the next highest division.

“Both schools are suing for the right to come back down,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll be settled at an upcoming hearing, but it could go further than that; to trial.”

How is the Pandemic Affecting Sports at PHS? - overview

Summary: How is the Pandemic Affecting Sports at Page Arizona High School


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