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COVID Hospital Update

COVID Hospital Update
April 24
10:30 2020

Banner Page Hospital COVID Update Press Release:

Banner Page Hospital reports the hospital has fully activated the Hospital Incident Command System and has developed an Incident Action Plan and a Surge Plan to ensure that all operations during a Surge are addressed. The Incident Command started meeting regularly on April 7th, met daily for two weeks, and is now meeting three times per week. This group covers major incident objectives including Staff Safety and Well-being, Staffing, Supplies, Medical Staff, Patient Care, and Patient Transport. Updates on these items are provided at each meeting.

All COVID related activities are brought through the Incident Command structure.


Current Status of Objectives:

Banner Health has provided direction regarding the safety of its employees, patients, and visitors. While things seem to be changing regularly, currently all staff, patients, and visitors are required to wear a mask appropriate for the area they occupy. For example, all Emergency Department staff are required to wear a respirator type mask which prevents inhalation of airborne particles.
Other areas with less risk such as office positions may wear a comfort mask or a procedure mask. The community has responded by making hundreds of comfort masks for the hospital and other healthcare providers in the community. Because these masks need to be washed after each day of use, we welcome more masks from community members and sincerely appreciate what has been donated. We have had other PPE supplied by companies and individuals in the community. We have brought in additional support staff through Banner to specifically support education about the proper use of PPE as the CDC continues to make adjustments for use of PPE due to continuing better understanding of the COVID 19 virus.

Staff Well-being
We are acutely aware of the demand that COVID 19 has placed on our highly qualified staff and medical staff. Helping staff to maintain a positive attitude during this time of intensity is critically important. In the midst of this time, we are trying to ensure that the staff are taken care of by providing food and some fun activities for them. We have had tremendous support from the
community by providing food for the staff on a regular basis.

Being part of a large organization has been of significant help to the hospital. Currently, we have 10 staff members from Banner Health Phoenix-area hospitals that are in Page to support us should the hospital experience a surge of COVID patients. This is one of the benefits of being part of a large system where the system is able to redeploy staff to needed areas including small facilities like Banner Page Hospital. While we don’t expect to retain this additional staff much longer, it has been helpful as the staff understanding the operational aspects of working with COVID patients improves.

Again, one of the advantages of being part of a large system includes having access to supplies that a hospital of Page’s size may not otherwise have. There are shortages of PPE nationally, but because of the purchasing power of Banner and the ability to redeploy supplies and assets where needed at any given time, we currently have an adequate supply of PPE.

Medical Staff
We are currently in conversation with the system regarding the possibility of redeploying additional medical providers on an emergent basis should the need arise. We have installed additional telemedicine equipment which will allow providers to support more patients. This telemedicine equipment is in addition to the current eICU program already in operation at the hospital.

Patient Care
Our staff and medical staff are in constant communication with our corporate experts regarding the most current information on best practices for patient care.

Patient Transport
Additional resources are in place by the air medical transport companies serving the Page area. Classic Air Medical developed a fixed-wing solution for transferring COVID patients and Guardian Flight has recently announced they are prepared to transfer COVID positive, non-intubated patients. Patients will be transferred to locations that have available capacity.


During the past week, we have seen a decline in the number of COVID patients presenting to the Emergency Department, admitted for inpatient care, or transferred to other facilities. We anticipate, however, that the number of COVID patients presenting to the hospital will fluctuate over the next few months and therefore our preparedness will continue.

We want to thank the community for the tremendous outpouring of support to the Banner Page Hospital and Clinic team. The team has worked hard to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

Because this is a serious illness that has impacted some of our friends and neighbors, we encourage the community to seriously consider the CDC guidelines for handwashing, social distancing, and continued masking.

COVID Hospital Update - overview

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