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Horse Population Solution?

Horse Population Solution?
August 30
08:34 2017

A top Interior Department official is recommending that wild horses and burros on Utah public lands be euthanized to curb the costs of managing them.

Aurelia Skipwith, a Deputy Secretary, says equine numbers are three times what can be sustained on the range.  In addition, it costs $50 million a year to feed the 45,000 animals that have been corralled.

But horse advocates sharply disagree with Skipwith.  Says Ginger Kathrens, “The myths of starvation and overpopulation are a smokescreen for the livestock that are actually damaging public lands.”

Skipwith counters, “The ability to sell the horses without restriction and humanely euthanize them is the most effective way to address the issue.”

Mexican slaughterhouses have expressed interest in buying the animals.  Horse meat is commonly consumed in countries other than the United States.

These comments were captured at the first ever summit to address the issue of Wild Horse overpopulation and its effect on livestock and local economies.

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