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Hopi Siblings Run Boston Marathon

Hopi Siblings Run Boston Marathon
October 14
14:11 2021

Hopi Siblings Run Boston Marathon

By John Christian Hopkins

A Hopi brother and sister picked a historic day to run their first Boston Marathon.

October 11 was not only Indigenous People’s Day, but it was the 140th running of the most famous marathon in the world.

This year was also special because it was preceded by a moment to recognize one of only two Native Americans to win the prestigious event.

Ellison “Tarzan” Brown, from Rhode Island’s Narragansett Tribe, became the youngest to win the race in 1936, at the age of 22. Three years later he repeated as champion and set a new course record. Brown, known as “Deerfoot” among his tribe, was the first to finish the marathon in less than two-and-a-half hours.

A year ago brother and sister, Wayne and Caroline Sekaquaptewa ran their virtual Boston Marathon at their family ranch out on the Hopi reservation.

During that time they dedicated their running journey to the Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) along with fundraising to be able to give back to our organization.

This year they continued their fundraising efforts.

Both Wayne and Caroline see education as a vital tool for the Hopi people and support the HEEF’s mission in providing educational opportunities.

They have set a fundraising goal of $5,000.

Tarzan Brown’s victories also earned him spots on the U.S. Olympic team. He led the Olympic marathon for 13 miles in 1936 and was still second at the 18-mile mark when he was disqualified for receiving aid. (Brown always maintained that he received to aid, only that a spectator approached him to offer aid.)

The first Native to win the Boston Marathon was Canadian Tom Longboat (Onondaga) in 1907.

In honor of Wayne and Caroline Sekaquaptewa running in the Boston Marathon HEEF encourages people to make a donation to their cause and help them reach their $5,000 goal. For more about HEEF, visit

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