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Honor Riders Came to Page

Honor Riders Came to Page
May 13
16:45 2015

The Navajo Hopi Honor Riders came to Page on Wednesday afternoon as a part of their annual Honor Run.

Honor Riders Entering Town

Honor Riders entering Page

They were brought into town by a combined police escort that was comprised of the Navajo Nation Police Department, Page Police Department and the Department of Public Safety around 1:15 PM.

Over one hundred bikers are estimated to have been a part of the Honor Run into Page.

They arrived to honor Marine Lance Corporal Quinn A. Kieth, a resident who was killed while serving in Fallujah, Iraq on his second tour, just two weeks before he was to be shipped back home.

Once in town, the group met up at the Wall of Honor at City Hall to say a prayer and take a moment of silence for the names on the wall.

Mayor Bill Diak gave a speech about having the Honor Riders in Page and thanked them for all the services they do.

Lunch at the townhouse

Honor Riders Eating Lunch

Following Mayor Diak’s speech, the group posed for a group photo and then proceeded to the townhouse in the city park for a complimentary lunch.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with Andrew Grey, an Honor Rider for the past two years, about the good deeds they are known for and how he feels every time he attends a service.

Grey said some of the services can make him emotional, even after two years of being with the Honor Riders.

He said he does it because he likes to pay tribute to the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for us, and said other groups associated with them do different services, such as replacing someone’s roof.

The organization is vast in both numbers and purpose.

The Honor Riders rode to the townhouse in the city park for a complimentary lunch following the Honor ceremony.

They will be ending their Honor Run on Friday, May 15th.

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