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Homecoming Page Loss a Surprise To Those Who Left

Homecoming Page Loss a Surprise To Those Who Left
October 18
23:13 2019

The stands were pretty empty by the real end

The loss will come as a real surprise to most of the Page fans who had been there!

Very oddly, most of the people who were at the Page Sand Devils Homecoming game Friday night, went home thinking that at least the team tied in their big game against Ganado High School. Most everyone left thinking the final was 46-46 in double overtime.

But that’s not true; the Sand Devils lost 54-52 in triple overtime!

What happened?

Well, the officials on the field were apparently not sure how to handle a game that was still tied after two overtimes. They thought that was it and decided the game was over and would go in the books as a tie. The two teams went to the 50-yard line, started a line and shook hands with one another. The two head coaches shook hands, too.

The Lake Powell Communications broadcast team had their equipment in the car fifteen minutes later. As we walked onto the field to interview Page Coach Bubba Billie, he asked if we could get on the radio or on Facebook and tell everyone to come back because the game was not over. It was not possible we told him, and he understood.

What happened was the officials on the field had found out later that a game cannot end in a tie, and the teams had to get back on the field and finish this thing. It was bizarre, as most of the people in the stands had left the premises.

2019 Homecoming King & Queen; Jonathan Salas and Zhanna Edwards

The Page players and the Ganado players began doing stretches and warmups, a full half-hour after they thought the game was already done.

The Hornets had the ball first in the third overtime and scored quickly. They then made the two-point conversion to make it 54-46 in their favor.

Then Page got the ball at the Ganado 10-yard line, per the Arizona high school football rules. Gabe Gomez ran one in for a touchdown to put the Sand Devils within two. But Page was unable to convert their two-point conversion, and it was the then the game really was over and in the books.

We spoke right away to Sand Devils’ Coach Bubba Billie. His first words, in a relaxed tone, were, “I’m perfectly fine.”

The Coach called it a ‘crazy’ game.

“And it was long, and my boys fought,” he added with pride.

He added that they can’t keep trying to come from behind, as they did through the first half. Page trailed 20-6 at the half.

“I’m so proud of them,” he said. “They could have so easily quit at different points in the game, but they kept fighting.”

Billie mentioned how it was Homecoming week with all the distractions.

“They had everything going on and I’m so proud of them.”

It was suggested that when his team came back after halftime, his team owned the second half.

“Oh definitely,” he responded. “But we need to come out as we did in the second half, from the first whistle.”

Next up for the Sand devils is a 7 PM home game next Friday night against Chinle High School.

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Summary: Page Loses Homecoming Football Game


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