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Holes Cut in Fence Causes Deer Fatalities

Holes Cut in Fence Causes Deer Fatalities
June 13
10:36 2018

Deer fencing along U.S. 89 east of Kanab where someone cut six holes, leading to 15 dead deer on the highway and at least six vehicle-deer collisions. (Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

After six holes big enough to drive a vehicle through were cut in fencing on the sides of U.S. Highway 89 east of Kanab, at least 15 deer have been killed in collisions. The $2.5 million in fencing and a roadway underpass were designed to safeguard migrating deer.  Lt. Paul Washburn with the Utah Division of Wildlife Services told St George News the fence’s damage has since been repaired by state transportation workers. The area is popular for shed-antler hunting.










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