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Highway 89 Roundabout

Highway 89 Roundabout
September 06
11:23 2016

The roundabout on Highway 89 has been functioning well, gaining a surprising number of local supporters.

The roundabout was one of the options Arizona Department of Transportation had proposed for traffic control at the corner of Haul Road and Highway 89 when the Walmart Super Center was constructed just west of that intersection. Page Mayor Bill Diak recalled that the roundabout decision was made just prior to his election to City Council. While he wasn’t in favor of that option, he supported the decision of the Council and was involved in negotiations for right of ways at the intersection.

Diak’s concerns prior to construction was the surprise factor of that particular intersection’s traffic control strategy. After travelling 140 miles from Flagstaff through remote areas, drivers might not be prepared for the lighting, signage, and lane configurations unlike anything else in this area. Diak was vocal about his concerns for driver safety at the intersection but ADOT had convincing statistics to back up the safety claims for a roundabout. The only surprise at the intersection has turned out to be how few accidents there has been.

There have been a few low speed fender benders but no major medical issues for drivers or passengers in those few crashes.

Because of the success of the roundabout at the intersection of Highway 89 and Haul Road, many residents are choosing that route because the traffic moves smoothly and there is little if any wait time to get on your way. The main concern continues to be the speed of approach for first time visitors and drivers of large trucks.

Roundabouts may not be such an unusual traffic control device in the future as ADOT is considering adding more roundabouts in the next ten years at both the South and North intersections of Highway 89 and Lake Powell Boulevard.

Drivers who have sat at those two intersections waiting to turn left would most likely want to see roundabouts there as soon as possible

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