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High Melanoma Rates in Utah

High Melanoma Rates in Utah
June 17
11:42 2022

By Eli Joseph

Utah leads the nation in the occurrence of cancerous melanoma.

While some medical professionals attribute the high rate to the state’s relatively high altitude, others dispute that.

States Dr. Terence Rhodes of Intermountain Health Care, “Other states that have high elevations do not have the rates we have.”

Recent medical breakthroughs have mitigated the effects of the often-fatal disease.

Someone diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma ten years ago would have, at best, six months to live.

Today, the prognosis is better than five years.

It is recommended that people get baseline checks at age 18 and wear sunscreen when outdoors of at least 30 SPF.

High Melanoma Rates in Utah - overview

Summary: High Melanoma Rates in Utah


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