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Herb Yazzie Stays…..for Now

Herb Yazzie Stays…..for Now
April 03
17:05 2015

The Navajo nation’s Law & Order Committee (LOC) met on Friday and ended up not acting on legislation to remove Herb Yazzie as the Nation’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Evidently, the LOC had issues with the “statutory wording” of the legislation to remove Chief Yazzie, and efforts to change the wording stalled. According to the Navajo Voters’ Rights Coalition (VRC), which was represented at the LOC meeting near Albuquerque, the LOC will take-up the issue again in a few months.

Part of the reason for the delay, again; according to the VRC, the members of the LOC want there to be a time to reach a sense of harmony within the political system on the Navajo Nation.

According to the VRC’s Facebook page, “We will get Herb Yazzie removed. It might just take a little longer. Don’t worry.”


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