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Heat Reminder from Coconino County

Heat Reminder from Coconino County
June 16
10:57 2017

High temperatures prompt important heat reminder

From: The Coconino County Public health services District

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona – Excessive heat is expected throughout much of Arizona over the next several days. As temperatures rise in Northern Arizona, the Coconino County Public Health Services District (CCPHSD) is encouraging residents and visitors in Coconino County to take precautions to protect themselves from heat-related illness.

“Extremely high temperatures are a little unusual for Northern Arizona. Many people in this area are not used to the heat and many don’t have air conditioning. Extra care is necessary when it’s this hot, especially when involved in outdoor activities,” said Mike Oxtoby, CCPHSD Deputy Chief Health Officer.

Symptoms of heat illness include heavy sweating, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, nausea, weak but rapid pulse and headaches. People with these symptoms should find shade, drink water slowly and make sure they have access to adequate ventilation.

Public health officials recommend the following protective actions:

• Avoid prolonged work in the sun or poorly ventilated areas.

• Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing.

• Wear a hat and use sunscreen for outdoor activity.

• Drink plenty of water, non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic liquids.

• Never leave a child or pet in a car, even with the windows rolled down. Temperatures in the car can exceed 130 degrees within minutes.

Children, the elderly and people with chronic ailments are the most susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Friends, relatives or neighbors are urged to check regularly on those who may be at high risk from heat related illness.

Staying in an air-conditioned area, either at home or in a public place such as a mall, library or recreation center is the most effective way to fight heat. If air conditioning is not available, pull the shades over the windows and use cross-ventilation and fans to cool rooms. Limit use of stoves and ovens to keep home temperatures lower.

Extreme heat can cause significant stress for all animals. Below are a few simple guidelines you can follow to reduce the impacts of high temperatures on pets:

• Give your pet extra water.

• Never leave your pet alone inside a car.

Practice “Heat” safety!

The following comes from Zion National Park, but it could have been from any of the parks around Northern Arizona or Southern Utah….

Extreme Hot Weather Expected At Zion National Park

Visitors Should be Prepared for Very Hot Conditions Through Weekend


SPRINGDALE, UT – Weather forecasts very hot days for Zion National Park and the surrounding areas through the weekend and into next week. Visitors coming to the Park need to take extra precautions due to expected extremely high temperatures this week.

Visitors are encouraged to practice “Heat Safety” while in the Park. Take your time while hiking, try to find shade, and stay hydrated – drink plenty of water. Water bottle filling stations can be found at visitor centers, the Park Museum and the Zion Lodge. Consider covering exposed skin and using protective sun screen.  Children are especially vulnerable to heat-related illness and sunburn. Keep your pets cool and hydrated. Do not leave pressurized containers in your vehicles, such as aerosol spray cans.

“It’s that time of year when we start to see a lot of heat related injuries. With the sudden spike in temperature there hasn’t been a lot of time for visitors to get acclimated.  Plan your hikes early in the morning or later in the evening and avoid strenuous outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day.  Know your limitations and please stay hydrated,” comments Daniel Fagergren, Chief Park Ranger.


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