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Halloween, From Apple Peels to Candy Corn

Halloween, From Apple Peels to Candy Corn
October 30
06:35 2020

From Apple Peels to Candy Corn


By John Christian Hopkins

Ready for Halloween? Here’s some trivia to get you in the mood.

Halloween is believed to have begun about 4000 B.C. The modern idea of handing out candy comes from the ancient tradition of Samhain, where treats were given out to appease evil spirits.

Hey, ladies, if you want a glimpse of your future boyfriend, look into a mirror at midnight – as you’re walking down stairs. In other news, the addition of staircases in hogans is on the rise!

Some women used to throw apple peels behind them as they walked, believing the peels would form the first letter of their future husband’s first name.

Okay, that’s a corny joke – and speaking of corn – about 35 million pounds if candy corn is produced each year. That’s around 9 billion pieces for you corn stalkers.

Oh, and candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed.

Did you know that last year Americans spent $2.6 million on Halloween. That figure might go up this year now that everyone will require a mask!

Consumers spend more during Halloween than on any other holiday – except Christmas.

Are black cats evil?

People often think that because of those fun-loving New England Puritans who associated black cats with practicing witchcraft. Did you know that in most cultures black cats are considered good luck?

I guess black cat lives matter after all.

You know what is associated with Halloween? Quidditch! No, wait, that should be cabbage. In olden days people would play pranks by hiding the smelly vegetable near their neighbors’ homes.

With toilet paper being in short supply this year maybe we’ll see – or smell – the return of this old practice?

According to legend, if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards at midnight on Halloween you will see a witch. She’ll be home waiting for you to explain why your clothes are inside out.

One final thing: if you’re planning to dress as a priest, nun or any religious figure for Halloween please don’t go to Alabama. Impersonating a religious figure is a misdemeanor there and comes with up to a $500 fine.



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Summary: Halloween, From Apple Peels to Candy Corn


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