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Guilty Plea Expected In 2017 Cruise Death of St. George Woman

Guilty Plea Expected In 2017 Cruise Death of St. George Woman
February 04
05:33 2020

Kristy Manzanares

It was on a family Alaskan cruise in 2017 when 39-year old St. George, Utah resident Kristy Manzanares was killed in her onboard cabin.

Her husband, Kenneth, after previously pleading not guilty to first-degree murder in the case, has now reportedly agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder in the death of his wife.

Reports at the time indicated that Kenneth Manzanares was ticked-off that his wife was laughing at him. There was also a report that at the time he attacked his wife, that one of their minor children witnessed the fatal attack.

The guilty plea is expected to be entered in a Federal Court House in Juneau, on Friday.


Our story dated July 27, 2017:

A St. George, Utah woman is dead, evidently the victim of outrage by her husband on a cruise ship off Alaska’s coast.

The victim is identified as 39-year old Kristy Manzanares of St. George. Her husband, Kenneth is in custody, held by the ship’s security at first, and then by the FBI who came on board the Emerald Princess shortly after the death on Tuesday night.

“My life is over,” Kenneth Manzanares is quoted as saying as he initially was interviewed.

The person whose life really is over, his wife Kristy, was employed by Summit Sotheby’s International Realty in St. George. Her company released a statement following the news of her death. Part of that statement reads;

“Kristy was a dedicated and loving mother who juggled her business schedule to make her children the top priority. We will miss Kristy’s vibrant personality, welcoming smile, kind heart, and compassion for everyone she met.”

The suspect in the case, Kristy’s husband, apparently became very angry at around 9 PM Tuesday when, as he put it, his wife wouldn’t stop laughing at him.


Our report from August 24, 2017:

Kenneth Manzanares pleaded not guilty to first degree murder during an arraignment hearing in Alaska on Wednesday August 23rd.

Mr. Manzanares is accused of killing his wife Kristy Manzanares aboard a cruise ship on July 25th while on a family vacation. Mrs. Manzanares was 39 years old and a real estate agent from St. George.

The Manzanares’ daughter previously stated that she witnessed her parents having a fight before Kenneth Manzanares was found covered in blood standing over his wife’s body.

According to passengers on the Emerald Princess cruise liner, Kenneth had attempted

to jump off the ship after the incident, after he was taken into custody he was quoted saying that his life was over.

Irony aside, prosecutors have yet to decide on invoking the death penalty or not, a hearing is expected to come later in the year.


Featured Photo: The Emerald Princess, where Kristy Manzanares was killed

Guilty Plea Expected In 2017 Cruise Death of St. George Woman - overview

Summary: Guilty Plea Expected In 2017 Cruise Death of St. George Woman


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