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Great Lakes Airlines’ Flight Schedule Doesn’t Fly with Mayor

Great Lakes Airlines’ Flight Schedule Doesn’t Fly with Mayor
August 14
10:17 2015

At the Page City Council meeting on Wednesday (August 12th), members got into a heated discussion about the notorious Great Lakes Airlines.

Mayor Bill Diak gave an update on the airline company, but it quickly turned into a discussion.

The question was if Page wants an airline company or a charter company for their Essential Air Service (EAS) provider.

According to Mayor Diak, Great Lakes has added another flight to it’s schedule, but still can’t fly a decent amount of its flights.

Many of the flights are  constantly being cancelled or delayed.

Mayor Diak suggested Great Lakes quit adding flights, cut their flight schedule, and just fly their minimum.

He explained it doesn’t help anybody if they can’t fly the flights they add.

Councilor Dugan Warner made the point that if Page were to switch to a charter company, they would only allow one bag of 35 pounds or less.

“Can you fly to the east coast with one bag?  I can’t.  Not with my wife.  The way she packs,” Warner joked.

But Warner was sure to make the point that most average people would be inconvenienced by the one bag requirement.

Mayor Diak claimed the cancellations by Great Lakes are actually part of an industry-wide problem caused by the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations.

One of the regulations causing the headache requires pilots to have a significant amount of flying experience.  This has caused a pilot shortage across the board.

Page is currently locked into a 2 year contract with Great Lakes Airlines, and has plenty of time to decide whether or not they want to switch to a charter company.

City Council plans on working with the Airport Board to get Great Lakes Airlines’ flight schedule on track.

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