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Grand Canyon Water Advisory

November 01
10:55 2014

Drinking WaterThe National Park Service is issuing a drinking water advisory for the following areas along the North Kaibab Trail, Manzanita Rest Area (Roaring Springs) and Cottonwood Campground within the backcountry at Grand Canyon National Park.  Because of the detection of fecal indicators (E. coli), day hikers and backpackers should be self-sufficient and be prepared to carry or treat all drinking water. The rest of the park including South Rim Village, Desert View, Indian Garden, Phantom Ranch and North Rim Developed Area is not affected by this advisory and water is safe to drink.

Water at Roaring Springs and Cottonwood should be treated by boiling or filtering it.  Water should be boiled for at least three minutes.  Information about how to treat water in the backcountry is available on the park’s website at These processes should be applied to water for any consumptive use including drinking, making ice, preparing food, brushing teeth, and washing dishes.

Visitors and residents within South Rim Village, North Rim Developed Area, Desert View, Indian Garden and Phantom Ranch are not affected by the drinking water advisory. Water available at these locations has been deemed safe for all human and animal consumption. Potable water at Grand Canyon is treated at multiple locations before being distributed for consumption. Grand Canyon treats all potable water beyond State of Arizona and EPA standards for public consumption.

The advisory is precautionary and is not expected to last more than 48 hours. A copy of the advisory is available  It will remain in effect until the National Park Service and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality are confident there is no longer a public health concern. We will provide the next update on Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Additional information about hiking or backpacking at Grand Canyon National Park is available by contacting the park’s Backcountry Information Center at (928) 638-7875.


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