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Good and Bad News on Lake Front

Good and Bad News on Lake Front
July 05
11:42 2022

By Eli Joseph

While there is reason to be optimistic about the local tourist economy, dark clouds still hover on the horizon.
With an influx of water from upstream reservoirs, water level is still rising, as is typical for this time of year.  The Stateline Auxiliary and Bullfrog extension ramps are open.  New rock formations continue to emerge from the depths.
But the local tourist-related economy is still suffering.  Observes Page Mayor Bill Diak, “Tourism and related services have taken a hit.  If water levels don’t come up by next summer, we may lose 15 to 20 businesses.”
The local area has seen a 33 percent reduction in economic activity over the past year.
In 2019, 4.4 million visitors to Lake Powell infused $427 million into the local economy supporting over 5,200 jobs.  Last year, the visitation number dipped to 3.1 million.
On the good news front, the National Park Service has granted a commercial-use license to a business featuring houseboat-anchoring in sandstone that is not destructive to the rock formation.
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