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Glen Canyon Dam Power Emergency

Glen Canyon Dam Power Emergency
August 18
04:05 2020

ADVISORY: Reclamation responds to power emergency; urges caution on Colorado River and Green River due to the potential for rapid changes in river releases

Increased hydropower production to meet emergency electrical needs means water releases will change quickly and without warning

Shown is Glen Canyon Dam as seen from downstream. Glen Canyon Dam is located 15 miles upstream from Lees Ferry on the Colorado River. Glen Canyon Dam is part of the Colorado River Storage Project, CRSP.

Those working or recreating along the Colorado River below Arizona’s Glen Canyon Dam or along the Green River below Utah’s Flaming Gorge Dam should exercise increased caution as fluctuations in hydropower generation may cause rapid changes in water releases.

The Bureau of Reclamation is responding to unusually high energy demand amid excessive summer heat across the western United States. Unscheduled water release fluctuations will occur without warning. Be careful along the river and watch for sudden changes in flow and depth.

Reclamation increased hydropower generation at Glen Canyon Dam on Friday evening, August 14, in response to California’s electrical emergency. The Western Area Power Administration again called on Glen Canyon Dam to increase generation on Saturday, August 15 to help stabilize the western electrical grid. As the current heat wave continues, Glen Canyon and Flaming Gorge Dams will continue to respond to energy distributor calls for additional hydropower to augment supply deficiencies. 

Hydropower dams like Glen Canyon and Flaming Gorge are unique in their ability to respond almost immediately to electrical system emergencies and swings in demand. They are crucial parts of the interconnected electrical system in the western United States.

Glen Canyon Dam Power Emergency - overview

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