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Glen Canyon Dam High Flow Experiment Results

Glen Canyon Dam High Flow Experiment Results
November 21
09:58 2018

The Bureau of Reclamation last week released an update to their ongoing evaluation of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam after the Department of the Interior completed a High Flow Experiment from Glen Canyon Dam in November 2018.

High Flow Experiments (HFE) below Glen Canyon Dam are driven by weather, sediment inputs, and other resource conditions, in accordance with the Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP). The HFE began on November 5, 2018, for a duration of 60 hours with flows surrounding the HFE fluctuating between 6,500 and 9,000 cfs during the evening and daylight hours for hydropower.

The April to July 2018 unregulated inflow to Lake Powell was 2.6 maf (36 percent of average). The unregulated inflow in October was 351 thousand acre-feet (kaf) (69 percent of average). October precipitation in the Upper Colorado Basin was 135 percent of average, but the extremely dry soil conditions decreased the amount of observed runoff. The release volume from Glen Canyon Dam in October was 625 kaf. The end of October elevation and storage of Lake Powell were 3,590.46 feet (110 feet from full pool) 10.86 maf (45 percent of full capacity).

The HFE will not impact the total annual amount of water released from Lake Powell to Lake Mead in water year 2019. Releases, both before and after the November experiment and throughout the remainder of the water year, will be adjusted to compensate for the higher volume released during this high flow experiment.

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