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Getting To and From Page Lake Powell, Arizona

January 22
22:47 2014

If you’re wondering how to get to and from Page Lake Powell, Arizona, it helps to plan ahead. As one of the most remote, if not THE most remote towns in the U.S., the town  has its challenges. One of them is transportation.

TouristsPage is an isolated community on the Arizona Utah border, surrounded by national park lands and the Navajo reservation. Lots of open space. Locals tend to own a lot of rolling stock, including cars, trucks, jeeps, ATVs and other motorized vehicles.  These machines aren’t just toys–they’re a vital connection to civilization over 100 miles away.

Drive from Flagstaff to Page Lake Powell

Page Lake Powell is open and the new N20/T89 is fast and easy. Travel from Flagstaff to Page is now only 2 hours or less. Travel north from Flagstaff on Highway 89 until you get to Gap and turn off onto 89T to Page. If you are going to Lee’s Ferry, you should continue straight on Highway 89.

If you drive, make sure your vehicle is reliable. The closest towns larger than Page are Flagstaff, 130 miles south, and St. George, 150 miles west.  The roads to the Lake Powell area are accessible and the new N20/89T has made it possible to drive from Flagstaff to Page in two hours or less.

So if  you don’t have a vehicle, what are your options for getting  in and out of Page? Major airports in Phoenix and Las Vegas are nearly 300 miles away.

Great Lakes Airlines out of Page

Great Lakes is the only airlines in Page Lake Powell with connections to the outside world. Great Lakes Airlines is able to serve Page thanks to the government-subsidized (for now) Essential Air Service (EAS) program.

EAS was created after the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act. Deregulation  let airlines choose which markets to serve and what fares to charge. That left out small towns like Page.

The Essential Air Service (EAS) program was put into place to guarantee that small communities that were served by certified air carriers before deregulation maintain a minimal level of scheduled air service.”–US Department of Transportation website

FloatingCurrently, Great Lakes offers two flights daily to Phoenix.  In 2013, the airlines had connections to Denver, Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well, but these were all dropped by December. Judy Franz, Great Lakes Manager in Page, says Great Lakes hopes to see the return service of both their Denver and Los Angeles routes in the Spring.

The Great Lakes Airlines counter in Page can be reached at 928-645-1355.

Bumps and Delays

Judy Franz and her crew offer some of the best customer service in town. Unfortunately, they can’t dispatch flights, fix planes, fly the planes or control the weather. So there are cancellations and delays. Passengers should be aware. If you absolutely, positively have to be somewhere at a certain time, plan accordingly.  The airline’s spotty track record recently led to an official complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation, filed  by a Page resident who had difficulty getting his wife to her scheduled medical appointments.

Car Rental

Avis Car Rental  operates out of the Page Municipal Airport. Since it is a franchise and not company-owned, the facility owns their own cars. The vast majority of rentals are for pick-up and drop-off at the airport so the cars stay available for rental in town. There are no open reservations for one-way rentals. Cars may be rented one-way in certain situations, but these rentals are extremely limited and drivers have to pay a premium.


You can get a taxi from the Page Municipal Airport to your motel or destination in Page.  You can can get a local taxi from the Page City Limits to a few National Park and Navajo park locations located outside of Page. If you are flying internationally, you should probably rent a car at the airport and drive to the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce National Parks. Check our Business Directory for local transportation options.

Shuttle Service

HitchHikingDestination Services in Page offers shuttle service to Flagstaff or St. George to passengers who need to get out of town. Charges and schedules are negotiated on an individual basis. For more information, call 928-645-2789.

Both Flagstaff and St. George offer scheduled shuttle services to the nearest major airports.


ParachutingLakePowell2One way to get to Page, Arizona is to parachute. It’s better than hitchhiking, which could take a long time. Just kidding.

Hitchhiking Illegal on National Parks

Hitchhiking in Arizona is legal, but hitchhiking on National Parks is illegal. The only nationwide law (Code of Federal Regulations) that prohibits hitchhiking is 36 CFR 4.31 which states that hitchhiking is illegal on any property under jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior: National Park Service. This includes but is not limited to National Parks, National Scenic Byways, and National Recreation Areas. This law is often amended to allow hitchhiking at the discretion of each park. Check with the park’s respective state article for information.

Take a Bus?

Do they still exist? If you are joining a tour into the Grand Circle, you will most likely be transported on a tour company bus.   Otherwise, your best bet is to rent a car either at the Page Municipal Airport or your international airport point of entry.


If you are considering rafting to Page, Arizona, it could be tough. It might look as if you could just launch your raft on the Utah side, paddle really hard (or rent a boat), and you can get over to Page, Arizona.  But it’s not that easy. You should always check with the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area before beginning a boat trip on Lake Powell. Weather conditions can change rapidly, causing dangerous conditions, so exercise caution when planning any excursion on Lake Powell.

Page Business Directory

Wondering where to go, how to get there and what to eat in the Page Lake Powell area?  Go to the Page Business Directory.

Getting To and From Page Lake Powell, Arizona - overview

Summary: If you're wondering how to get to and from Page Lake Powell, Arizona, it helps to plan ahead. Page is an isolated community on the Arizona Utah border, surrounded by national park lands and the Navajo reservation. Learn about flying into Page, renting a car, and other ways to get around the area.


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