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GCNRA Weekly Low Water Update

GCNRA Weekly Low Water Update
July 25
09:37 2022

  1. Lake Powell Water Levels: As of July 21, Lake Powell was at elevation 3537.47 (feet above sea level). Boat ramps are fully operational for motorized vessels of all sizes in North Lake Powell at Bullfrog North and in South Lake Powell at Wahweap’s Stateline Auxiliary.

  1. Rainbow Bridge Dock Structures Moved: On July 18, the Rainbow Bridge dock was moved out of the canyon near the trailhead to a nearby location where it will be more adaptable with future lake levels. The restroom is operable for public use.

  1. Antelope Point Marina Cart Path Pedestrian Ramp Access Project: Antelope Point Marina has begun this project to improve access to the marina. It is tentatively scheduled to be completed in about six weeks.

  1. Small Mouth Bass: Low lake levels at Lake Powell and rising temperatures in the Colorado River have increased concerns that non-native, warm-water predators, including smallmouth bass, could pass through the dam and begin reproducing. On July 1, 2022, juvenile smallmouth bass were found in the Colorado River below the Glen Canyon Dam. Smallmouth bass are a predatory non-native fish that have adversely impacted native and federally protected fish in the upper basin of the Colorado River over the last 20 years. The National Park Service is working closely with partners and stakeholders to coordinate rapid response actions to address this finding in accordance with previously approved management plans. For more information, please see the attached news release.
GCNRA Weekly Low Water Update - overview

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