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GCNRA Low Water Update: May 13, 2022

GCNRA Low Water Update: May 13, 2022
May 16
10:22 2022
  1. Bullfrog North Ramp Will Become Operable at Elevation 3525 Feet: Lake Powell’s water level is slowly rising. As of May 12, the current water level is 3523.71. The National Park Service anticipates that small, motorized vessels will be able to launch and retrieve from the left side of the ramp at 3525 feet. The ramp will be available for launch and retrieval of large vessels once lake levels reach 3529 or higher. Updates to follow as conditions change. The lake elevation is available on the park’s Changing Lake Levels webpage at or at
  2. Stateline Auxiliary Ramp:  The newly poured lanes have cured and will open this week, and repairs will be completed on the other side of the ramp. Once repairs are complete, all four lanes of the launch ramp will be open for the boating season. (Each lane is 25 feet wide; the total ramp width is 100 feet across.)
  3. Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Meetings: Over the last few weeks, the park has been in the process of meeting with Commercial Use Authorization permit holders to talk about the 2022 season and how commercial operations may be affected by low water. Last Friday the park and South Lake Powell CUA permittees discussed changes to increase efficiencies and address congestion at the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp. This week the park met in Page with Colorado River Guide CUA permittees who operate in the Lees Ferry Reach, and in Bullfrog with North Lake Powell CUA permittees. More information to follow regarding decisions made in anticipation of the busy Memorial Day Holiday weekend.
GCNRA Low Water Update: May 13, 2022 - overview

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