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Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Provides Funds to Tribe

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Provides Funds to Tribe
July 31
12:15 2019

The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise (NNGE) presented Council Speaker Seth Damon with a $5 million check.

The checks represent NNGE’s annual payment to the Navajo Nation Gaming Distribution Fund.

“It’s a privilege to be here today to present this check to honorable Speaker Damon and all the members of the 24thNavajo Nation Council,” said Rich Williamson, NNGE’s chief financial officer.

The money comes from revenue after the NNGE has met its other obligations, such as debt service, maintenance and operating expenses.

“We look forward to providing more checks in the future,” Williamson said.

NNGE has created more than 1,300 direct jobs and more than 6,300 indirect jobs. Its overall impact on the regional economy has exceeded $1 billion.

The money in the distribution fund is divided between all 110 Navajo chapters.

The Navajo Nation is the only sovereign nation in the U.S. that has fully and independently financed the development of their own casinos, Damon said.

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