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Freedom “Fought for and Paid for” (Mayor Diak)

Freedom “Fought for and Paid for” (Mayor Diak)
July 04
16:14 2017

Danielle Stewart

Other than perhaps a little too much heat, the weather for the city of Page’s 4th of July celebration could not have been better. And because of that weather everyone who lives in or around Page seemed to be here enjoying the festivities put together by the Page/Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce. There were also hundreds of visitors from all around the world taking in the celebration.

There was even a large group from Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, standing in the shade taking-in the parade. They were more than happy to accept some freezer pops offered them by Lake Powell Communications.

Following the big parade, back at John C. Page Park, Mayor Bill Diak did his best to put it all in perspective.

“Remember why we celebrate this day; and our freedom is not free,” he began by saying. “It’s fought for and it’s been paid for. Appreciate those people who are serving now and have served.”

At this point the crowd interrupted the mayor with enthusiastic applause.

“Keep them in your minds as you’re having fun today and our country’s being guarded.”

At that point Page resident Danielle Stewart took the stage and gave the large crowd an amazing rendition of our National Anthem.

Among the many activities for the kids and the adults were sack races, a watermelon eating contest, musical chairs and more.

But perhaps the most popular event, especially when the temperature was topping 100-degrees, was the water canon shots presented by the Page Fire department!

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