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Free Community Nights at Lake Powell Playhouse

Free Community Nights at Lake Powell Playhouse
May 27
11:30 2015

The Lake Powell Playhouse will be having two free community nights to see their plays!

Nate Marble

Nate Marble

They will be having a production of the famous play, Oklahoma, as well as Heart of the West throughout the summer.

The Playhouse will be dropping its popular Juanito Bandito play, however.

Oklahoma will feature a love story, controversy in the west and the change for one man from being a cowboy to a farmer.

Nate Marble, the owner and Director of the Lake Powell Playhouse, spoke with Lake Powell Communications about the upcoming plays.

He explained that the script for Oklahoma had to be kept close to its original form since it is a copyrighted play.

“Whatever happens on a performance night happens.  We keep it as close to the script as we can,” said Marble.

But he also said the length of the play was cut from three hours to two hours for audience satisfaction.

“People start to get antsy after 2 hours,” said Marble.

The Playhouse will be having FREE community nights to check out the plays this Friday and Saturday (May 29th, 30th).

“The 29th will be Oklahoma and the 30th will be Heart of the West,” said Marble.

For those interested in attending, go to to reserve your seats.

Marble said, “They’re going to be amazing shows, and you’ll walk away really feeling good.”

The box office opens at 6:00 PM and the plays start at 7:30 PM.

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