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Free Clinic for Miners and Uranium Workers

October 17
15:48 2014
Dr. Rose

Dr. Cecile Rose

The Lake Powell Medical Center in Page will be the site for a free and confidential screening clinic for mining-related illnesses this coming week. The miners’ clinics are being held by National Jewish Health, the leading respiratory hospital in America and are on Friday October 24th and Saturday the 25th.

Dr. Cecile Rose, from National Jewish Health, will be on hand for the two days. She and her team have been helping coal miners and uranium workers through these miners’ clinics programs in Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.

Dr. Rose is the director of the Occupational and Environmental Clinic at National Jewish Health in Denver. She is one of the nation’s leading experts in respiratory disease caused by environmental disease which are caused by environmental exposures.

According to Dr. Rose, coal miners are exposed to coal mine dust.

This dust, smoke and other chemical and noise related factors put them at risk for ailments. The ones we’re most interested in are the lung diseases that can come from exposure to coal mine dust.” – Dr. Cecile Rose, A leader in the treatment of lung disease

Those diseases include black lung, silicosis (scarring in the lung) and emphysema.

But in addition to coal miners, our miners clinics program also provides free and confidential services to people who worked in the uranium industry prior to 1972,” added Dr. Rose. “Those folks are also at risk for lung disease. In addition, they are at risk for a number of different cancers related to exposure to radiation from their work with uranium.”

Rose explains that these screenings are designed for the early detection and the medical care and treatment for people who may have developed one of those diseases from those exposures.

People who may have been downwind from the Nevada nuclear test site prior to 1972 are also eligible for this free screening program.

If they worked on site during the testing of nuclear weapons or they lived in an area that was down wind of the Nevada test site when those above ground nuclear tests were being conducted,” said Dr. Rose.

The clinics for this coming week, Doctor Rose points out, are mainly for the coal miners.

When you come to the clinic, you will go through a questionnaire focused on symptoms, a physical examination by a lung specialist, as well as a breathing test.

The cost of this free conic is covered through a grant from the federal government.

For information about the clinics and to schedule an appointment for Friday or Saturday (24th & 25th) call 877-255-5864. Lake Powell Medical Center is adjacent to Page City Hall at 467 Vista Avenue.

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