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Former FLDS Woman Writes About Judgment

Former FLDS Woman Writes About Judgment
September 06
16:21 2017

Brenda Nicholson

On September 5th a Utah judge awarded former FLDS child bride Elissa Wall a $16-Million judgment against Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ms. Wall was forced to marry her cousin at the tender age of 14, very much against her wishes. You can read about it in her book, “Stolen Innocence.”

Lake Powell Communications reached out to our friend, Brenda Nicholson, who grew-up in the FLDS and lived in the Short Creek community. (Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona) Brenda escaped the cult and now lives away from the area with her husband of 25-years, David, and their six kids; one daughter and five sons. But she has not seen her mother in years, as she is still part of the FLDS in Short Creek.

We asked Brenda to comment for us on Ellisa Wall’s judgment in Utah:

I am always grateful to those who are willing to stand up, face the pressure, and speak out against the very real horrors that are going on in secret. I know that getting anything on that judgement won’t be easy, but I guarantee you that the fact that it’s in place is having an impact on how things are done. I wish that every person

who has been victimized by the leaders of the FLDS could have some recourse. That there was a way for some of their losses to be made up to them and help them get on their feet and start a new life. But the truth is, the leaders have defrauded the people out of more money than you can imagine, and they’ve spent it. The only way to make a difference is to hit them where it hurts – their pocketbooks. The lawsuits that have gone forward have slowed down what they have been able to do, and have been a catalyst to freeing many people – in an indirect way.

This is a powerful statement that I truly wish more people – especially law enforcement agencies and judges comprehended: Third District Judge Keith Kelly wrote that Jeffs had had exercised “absolute control, power and authority” over Wall’s life “so that he could require her, as a young girl, to enter into an unlawful spiritual marriage.” She is one of thousands. I know that there isn’t money to give to all those who have been harmed, but anything we as a society can do to stop the abuses, and protect children from this fate in the future, should be done.

If parents aren’t willing to uphold the law and protect their children, there needs to be consequences. Otherwise, we cannot claim to be a lawful society that loves our children.

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