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Forgotten Money Could Be Yours!

Forgotten Money Could Be Yours!
August 07
10:19 2018

Is it possible you might have left yourself a nest-egg in the past and somehow forgotten about it? Right now the Arizona Dept of Revenue is reminding you to check for any unclaimed assets that might be yours. The state returned a record $64.3 million from the Department of Revenue over the 12 months ended June 30. Some 17,759 claims were successfully processed during the past fiscal year averaging more than $3,600 per claim.

Unclaimed property includes Arizona state-tax refund money as well as cash that was sitting in old bank accounts, un-cashed payroll checks, credit balances, possessions in inactive safe-deposit boxes, rebates and deposits turned over by utilities and other businesses.

Visit their website and find out if you have an unexpected windfall coming your way!

Those who want to check also may call the department at 602-364-0380 or send an email to The department will mail a form to fill out to begin the process.




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