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Flu Season Hits Hard in Coconino County

Flu Season Hits Hard in Coconino County
February 26
10:03 2016

Flu season is now in full swing across the country, and Arizona currently has the highest rate of cases in America.  According to state and federal health agencies, Arizona has suffered approximately nineteen hundred cases of influenza and that number is growing every day.  The number is significantly high, but nothing that health officials haven’t already seen in previous years.

The largest amount of flu cases are seen in people between the ages of 5 and 35.

For Coconino County alone, there have been 80 confirmed cases of the flu. Page and Marble Canyon make up for a whopping 30% of that, whereas Flagstaff takes the cake with the highest percentage of flu cases in Coconino County at 52%.

In the last week of January, schools in Coconino County reported that a higher than normal percentage of all enrolled students have been absent due to influenza.

With so many cases in the immediate area, people may feel it is inevitable that they will contract the flu.  However, there are several ways to help prevent getting sick.  Number one is getting a flu shot.  While it doesn’t completely prevent it, it helps prepare your immune system to fight the flu.

To be safe, it is best to have the whole family vaccinated to decrease the chances of anyone in the family from getting sick and passing it on to others.

Always wash your hands before you eat or touch your face.  This one is important, because washing your hands helps kill the bacteria that may be on them.

If someone around you is sick, it is best to avoid them.  The flu is very contagious and can be easily spread from a simple sneeze, cough, or even from just being in the immediate vicinity and touching things they have touched.

While the flu forces many people to stay home when sick, there are those that would try to work through the illness.  This is a bad idea.  If you feel sick in any way it is best to stay home to avoid getting your coworkers sick.

In a small town like Page, it is so easy to contract the flu, but if you follow these guidelines you will be much less likely to contract the nasty bug.

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