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24 Hospitalized for Flu in Southwest Utah

January 06
17:03 2014

Flu ShotThe flu has hit Southwest Utah with 24 hospitalized cases of influenza confirmed so far by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.  Lisa Starr, a Surveillance Nurse for the department reports 13 hospitalizations in the past week alone.  The age range of these patients is wide, from infants to the elderly.  Many have been hospitalized with illnesses secondary to influenza, including pneumonia.  Starr says,

The large majority of these flu cases are the H1N1 strain, which made its appearance in the 2009 pandemic.  There are likely many more flu cases in the community, but we primarily track hospitalizations from flu-related illness, which can indicate how severe flu activity is.”

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus.  Symptoms can include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headache, and fatigue.  Most people who get the flu will recover on their own within a few days to two weeks.  Complications can sometimes occur in high-risk groups and it’s still not too late to get your flu shot!

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