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FLDS Food Stamp Trial Looming

FLDS Food Stamp Trial Looming
May 02
11:20 2016

The Department of Justice didn’t take kindly to leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) using their flock’s food stamps for their own use. That is why eleven FLDS leaders are going to trial. Two of the defendants are brothers to Warren Jeffs, the FLDS leader serving life in prison for his sexual activity with a 12-year old girl; his wife.

Sam Brower

Sam Brower

One of the keys reasons Warren Jeffs finds himself in prison is due to the investigative work done by private-eye and author, Sam Brower. Lake Powell Communications spoke with Brower over the weekend and he believes this “food stamp” situation is changing the world’s view of the FLDS.

“It gives you a really good glimpse of what life is really like within that criminal organization,” said Brower. “One of the biggest things that needs to happen as far as the rest of the world goes, is that they have to quit looking at the FLDS as a religion. Everybody wants to make it about religion no matter what, and they’re not a religion.”

Brower went on to explain what they are, to him.

“They’re a crime syndicate that specializes in child abuse and exploiting children.”

He believes the upcoming trial will help to illustrate to those outside the FLDS that this is not about religion.

“All it is, is a criminal organization that uses religion to get out from under criminal charges,” said Brower.

The defense has already shown that they believe “religion” allows these FLDS leaders to take these government benefits and use them as they see fit.

“That’s all they’ve got; to use this religion wild card, “Brower added. “And prosecutors have already started to head them off at the pass.”

He believes the world is starting to wake-up and see FLDS for what it is.

Brower believes that Warren Jeffs will have his eye on the upcoming trial, but he adds that the “Prophet’s” mental and physical health is “falling apart.”

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