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 Five Dead in Glendale UPDATE

 Five Dead in Glendale UPDATE
February 24
15:02 2016


There was a new twist reported Wednesday concerning that shooting in Glendale yesterday that left five people dead. Today police are reporting that the shooter in this case did not commit suicide, but was shot dead by police when they entered the home.

It was around 4:30 Wednesday morning when the first 911 call came in.  According to reports today, it was Alex Buckner, 26, who shot and killed his mom and dad and two sisters before setting fire to their home a couple miles west of I-17.

When fire fighters and police from Glendale and Phoenix arrived on scene and tried to get into the home to help victims, the man with the gun, Buckner, apparently began firing at them. That’s when he was shot and killed. Though, originally, police reported it as a suicide.

The five family members who were killed by Buckner were the parents, Vic and Kimberly Buckner, and their two daughters; a teen and a 6-year old. The younger girl was rushed to the hospital and died a short time later.

There are reports that an argument in the home was heard a short time before Buckner being shooting his family. It was a family member who initially called 911.

2/23/2015 10:02 a.m.

An early morning shooting in Glendale today left five people dead, including the shooter.

Police and fire personnel from Phoenix and Glendale are being praised for their quick work this morning following the 5 A.M. 9-1-1 call. Despite their efforts, four family members, including a 12-year old girl, were killed. The shooter, who was also a family member, shot and killed himself.

Prior to the suicide, however, the gunman evidently set the house on fire and began shooting at police officers and fire fighters who tried to get in to see if they could help the victims. No one else was shot, however a police officer was treated for smoke inhalation at a nearby hospital.

The shooting occurred at a home west of Interstate-17 and east of Sun City and just north of Phoenix.

The investigation into a possible motive is just getting underway.

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