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First Lady Advocates for Pets

First Lady Advocates for Pets
July 05
11:38 2022

By John Christian Hopkins

Navajo Nation First Lady Phefelia Nez urges pet owners to be responsible.

Nez made her pitch at “Nihik’is: A collaborative Animal Summit,” held at the Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff.

The summit, sponsored by the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources and Best Friends Animal Society. Encouraged various animal humane groups to develop a coordinated response to animal welfare on the reservation.

Every year thousands of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized, Nez said in a press release.

“By sterilizing your dog or cat and getting them vaccinated, you will do your part as a responsible pet owner,” Nez said via the release.

Best Friends Animal Society has a “no kill” policy for unwanted pets.

The society hopes to work with the four animal shelters on the Navajo Nation to increase the 21% save rate for animals on the reservation.

Navajo Nation Wildlife Law Enforcement Manager Kevin Gleason said an average of 135 unwanted animals a week are picked up on the reservation.

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