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Fireworks Safety in Page

Fireworks Safety in Page
June 13
10:13 2018

The Page Fire Dept sending out a message to everyone about fireworks as we get into that season again… Fireworks are not a very safe item in the hands of consumers, they cause thousands of burns and eye injuries each and every year. Remember the best way to enjoy fireworks is at public displays put on by experts who know what they are doing. We will have a few different fireworks displays during the Fourth of July celebrations happening around Page to help you out with that.

Fire officials say if you truly want to be safe steer clear of consumer fireworks. Store bought fireworks are not fool proof. Be sure you keep a close eye on children at events where fireworks are being used.  Even sparklers are not all that safe- when your children ask you why, let them know the average sparkler burns at 1200 degrees! In case you don’t know how hot that is- wood burns at 575 degrees and glass melts at 900 degrees. Those little fiery sticks adults often hand little children to wave around are hot enough to cause third degree burns.












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