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2 Fires cause Haze in Page

2 Fires cause Haze in Page
June 19
08:10 2015

UPDATE:  6 19 15    1:28 PM

There is a much larger fire in Southern California that is contributing to the haze in Page more than the Mormon Lake Fire.  The fire jumped 10,000 acres in 24 hours according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Ken Daniel.  Daniel says the haze should dissipate soon after the fire is put out.       __________________________________________________________________________________________________

UPDATE:  6 19 15    8 :58AM

Four wildfires in the area are pumping smoke into Page and diminishing our view of the Vermillion Cliffs to the west.  The Camillo Fire south of Flagstaff near Mormon Lake was lightning caused and being allowed to burn.  The Locust Fire near the Rainbow Rim Trail in the Kaibab National Forest was also lightning caused and is being managed.  The Sand Cove Fire and Wolf Hole Fire are lightning caused fires burning in the Bureau of Land Management Arizona Strip District south of St. George, Utah, and are being managed.  Fire management allows the fires to burn with low intensity fire that restores wildlife habitat, promotes healthy vegetation, and reduces fuels that could negatively impact residents and visitors to the area.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ORIGINAL STORY

The town of Page was shadowed by a large amount of haze on the morning of June 19th.  The haze was caused by a “camilo fire,” as the Mormon Lake Fire Department called it.  The fire was started by a lightning strike in Mormon Lake in Flagstaff and is currently being controlled by the Mormon Lake Fire Department.  Lake Powell Communications will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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