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Fentanyl Use in Arizona

Fentanyl Use in Arizona
May 20
11:04 2020


City of Page Police Department
Fentanyl-Related Deaths in Arizona
PAGE, AZ (May 19, 2020)

Fentanyl-related deaths in Arizona, along with the nation, are on the rise. Earlier this year there were two Fentanyl-related deaths in Page and most recently, there have been three Fentanyl-related deaths in the Flagstaff area in the last week.

While other illegal drug use certainly comes with certain health risks, Fentanyl seems to pose an even higher risk, because an extremely small dose can be fatal. The Centers for Disease
Control (CDC) has called Fentanyl the deadliest drug in America. There are also wide reports that it is common for dealers to lace other drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc.) with Fentanyl, although we have no specific knowledge of this happening in Page.

As seen on the graph below, synthetic opioid deaths (mainly Fentanyl) in Arizona have increased 625% from 2015 to 2018, according to


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Fentanyl Use in Arizona - overview

Summary: Fentanyl Use in Arizona


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