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Federal Spending Bill Would Increase BIA Funding  

Federal Spending Bill Would Increase BIA Funding   
December 21
08:37 2015

A federal spending bill – to keep the government operating in 2016 – contains a little good news for Native American tribes.

Very little.

Under the spending bill the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Indian Health Services (IHS) will see only a modest increase in funding.

The House’s Consolidated Appropriations Act provides $2.8 billion for the BIA, an increase of $195 million. The measure also includes $4.8 billion for IHS. That’s a $165 million increase over 2015 funding.

The bill provides “responsible funding” for the government, according to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY).

The bill also curbs wasteful spending, Rogers noted in a press release.

Priorities for Native American spending include healthcare, education and law enforcement.

However, the House bill could hold a not-so-welcome idea when it comes to tribes.

There was some suggestion that a rider to the bill would prevent the BIA from implementing new federal recognition guidelines.

A preliminary reading of the more-than 2,000-page bill does not seem to bar the BIA from enacting the Part 83 reforms.

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