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Feature: What Day is it?

Feature: What Day is it?
March 24
12:23 2022

By John Christian Hopkins

National Eagle Day is June 20th – mark your calendars now!

Did you have a tamale this week? You should have had one on March 23 – which was National Tamale Day.

Not into tamales? No problem; March 23 was also National Chip and Dip Day. Or. If you prefer, it was National Melba Toast Day.

Does anyone know what Melba toast is – and why it should be celebrated?

This is weird; March 23 is also National Atheists Day. If you can believe that!

There are more food choices for March 24 as national days celebrate chocolate-covered raisins and cheese steak. And, if you are thirsty, it is also National Cocktail Day.

There are so many days set aside to honor stuff that its hard to remember them all.

And how do you decide that to honor? Take March 26, for example. It’s National Wear a Hat Day (hooray!) and National Spinach Day (boo!).

Do you have a friend named Joe? Celebrate National Joe Day with him this Sunday. After all it is also Pretzel Sunday. If you’re really ambitious you could even clean his house or yard in honor of National Cleaning Day.

Looking ahead to next week, Monday is a good time to buy some catnip in a baggie for your cat. That way you can celebrate National Respect your Cat Day and National Weed Appreciation Day at the same time. But don’t get confused because its also National Something on a Stick day – and your cat isn’t likely to enjoy that.

Now March 31 is somewhat unique. Its National Manatee Appreciation Day. Maybe you could appreciate a manatee steak, since it’s also National Bunsen Burner Day.

On the other hand, manatees are an endangered species, so maybe you can just draw a picture of one? Luckily it’s also National Crayon Day.

While its still March, its not too late to celebrate National Get Over it Day. Fortunately, if someone has irked you and you can’t get over it, March 9 was also National Meatball Day – so you can throw a few of those to celebrate.

Maybe you don’t feel like celebrating anything? Well, remember that March 21 was National Goof Off Day!

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