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Feature: They Had a Dream

Feature: They Had a Dream
April 05
12:05 2022

By John Christian Hopkins

April 4 isn’t a good day for dreams. At least it wasn’t in 1865 or 1968.

On April 4, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln visited Richmond, Va., the capitol of the Confederacy. Richmond had just been captured by Union troops and, while the Civil War was not yet over, the end was in sight. Only a few days later Gen. Robert E. Lee would surrender at Appomattox.

That night Lincoln had a strange dream. He dreamed that he awoke to the sound of “subdued mourning” coming from the East Room of the White House.

He went downstairs and found the room filled with mourners. He saw a casket in the middle of the room but was unable to see who the man was inside.

Lincoln, in his dream, asked a soldier, “Who has died in the White House?”

The soldier replied, “The president. He was killed by an assassin.”

That dream caused much anxiety to Lincoln and he mentioned it to several friends over the next few days.

On April 14, 1865 he was shot by assassin John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln died the following morning.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, also had a fateful appointment with destiny on April 4, 1968.Martin Luther King Dream

He was standing on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tenn., when he was cut down by assassin James Earl Ray.

Just as Lincoln had a inkling of his own death, did King have one, also?

In his last speech, delivered on April 3, King urged his followers not to lose hope. He told them he had climbed the mountain top and had seen the Promised Land – adding, “… though I may not get there with you, I want you to know tonight that we, – as a people – will get to the Promised Land …”

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