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Feature: The Chimp is a Champ

Feature: The Chimp is a Champ
September 07
09:36 2022

By John Christian Hopkins

It looks like Vladimir Putin isn’t the only one monkeying around in Ukraine.

A “resident” of the Kharkiv zoo – a chimpanzee – escaped from its cage and took a leisurely stroll through the city.

Maybe it wanted to see for itself the damage Kharkiv sustained from Russian shelling of the area. After all, the bombings in the area had already weakened many of the animal enclosures – leading to some of the zoo’s larger, dangerous animals to be euthanized.

While the chimp’s escape was merely noteworthy, its return to the zoo was epic. The prowling primate came back to the zoo wearing a raincoat – and riding a bicycle!

As the chimp strolled around Svobody Square, several zoo employees tried to coax it back to the zoo. They were not having much success until it started to rain.

That’s when the great ape decided to end its leisurely stroll. It approached a female zoo official who was carrying a raincoat. After she helped the chimpanzee into the coat, it seemed amenable to the idea of returning to the zoo.

With one proviso.

Three zoo employees surrounded the wayward chimp as it returned to the zoo riding a bicycle!

After its return home from the Great Ape Escape, the chimp was undoubtedly the top banana for a day or two.


(Featured Image is a stock photo of a chimp, by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay.)

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Summary: Feature: The Chimp is a Champ


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