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Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report for June 17, 2022

Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report for June 17, 2022
June 17
12:36 2022

By Wayne Gustaveson of

June 17, 2022
Water Temperature 70-76F
Lake Elevation 3537

Lake Powell is continuing to rise with today’s elevation 3537 which is 15 feet higher than the low point in this water year. Water temperature is now in the 70s and it is likely that the water temperature will continue to increase through the summer months. Two launch ramps are working well which allows boats to launch at both Wahweap and Bullfrog. Warming water and great launching access allows more recreation at the lake, so anglers now are sharing the lake with recreationists which makes for busy days on the water.

On my weekly fishing trip we stayed close to Wahweap and found a few small, but willing stripers that hit our trollin

Stripers slurping. Photo provided by Wayne Gustaveson

g lures. The fish were 12-14 inches in length and we caught 10 fish in 2.5 hours. I am sure fishing would have been faster and more productive uplake. Fishing got better later in the morning as the effects from the bright full moon in the night wore off.

Good fishing reports are coming in from the middle and north end of Lake Powell. Stripers begin slurping as the morning sun hits the clam water and they continue for about an hour in the morning and start up again in the evening if the water is calm. Many anglers are reporting that Ned Rigs are working well for catching the slurping stripers. Stripers will also attack small surface lures and shallow running crank baits. We saw no slurping stripers in Wahweap Bay as the shad population is more productive uplake and in the backs of many canyons. Surface activity will increase lakewide as shad grow larger and stripers focus on shad schools. Expect boils to begin in July and continue throughout the summer. Right now, there will be a few small surface disturbances as schooling stripers feed on shallow shad schools. Top water fishing is amazing!

Smallmouth bass are the most commonly caught fish in the lake. They hang out near shore around rocky structure. Juvenile smallmouth bass are still really active along shallow rocky terrain over the length of the lake. Larger bass are found in 20-30 feet of water at the same distance away from the shore. Sometimes casting parallel to the bank works better to catch the larger bass.

Here is a tip for smallmouth bass that bite a bit short and often are felt but not hooked. As soon as the bite occurs or the bass comes off the hook while reeling in, open the bail and drop the bait to the bottom. When the bait hits bottom, take up the slack and set the hook. It is the nature of smallmouth bass to follow the bait they have “wounded” and then pick it up again off the bottom. Knowing that, it is possible to set the hook and catch the fish without feeling the pickup.

Walleye are active at first light and again in the evening. Plastic bass lures will work for walleye but it is wise to add a piece of night crawler to the hook to entice these toothy fish a bit more. Expect to find walleye on rocky slopes morning and evening and on level flats in 15 feet of open water during the day.

Fishing is good at Lake Powell but it is best uplake from Wahweap and both up lake and down lake from Bullfrog.

Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report for June 17, 2022 - overview

Summary: Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report for June 17, 2022


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