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Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report, April 1st 2022

Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report, April 1st 2022
April 01
12:02 2022

By Wayne Gustaveson

April 1, 2022
Water Temperature 52-57 F
Lake Elevation 3522

Lake Powell water Level has now dropped to 3522 feet and is expected to continue to decline until the end of April or mid-May when spring runoff gives it a boost. The lake continues to drop about one foot per week. Stateline Auxiliary Ramp remains open with two launch lanes operating. Vessels of all sizes can be launched and retrieved.

Concrete has been poured on the upper portion of the Bullfrog North Ramp and is now curing. The contractor will start the bottom portion of the ramp this week. The ramp regrading has been completed. The contractor is building concrete forms and pouring concrete to lake elevation 3525 MSL. This project is anticipated to be completed May 1, 2022. Use of the ramp will be dependent on lake levels. I will let you know when that happens in the fish report.

Fishing is possible lakewide, but it still needs to warm up before catching will improve. Access down Blue Notch Road leading to Good Hope Bay is good. Hand launching of kayaks and small boats is possible (but not easy) anywhere along the shoreline where a small craft can be carried to the lake shore.

Lake wide, water clarity in the backs of canyons is murky, while the main lake is clear and blue. Fishing in the backs of canyons is better than the main lake because the cloudy water is warmer than clear water. The backs of canyons can be 60 degrees on a calm afternoon while the clear water may only be 52 at the same time of day. Warm water is the key to finding fish now. In the coming weeks, clear water temperatures will increase into the 60’s and fishing will dramatically improve. For now, a few fish are caught with lots of effort.

Bass and walleye are starting to get active as the water warms. Brown and crayfish colored jigs and Ned Rigs fished very slowly have been effective. Adding an earthworm to a plastic bait or just impaled on a slip sinker rig will catch about anything. Bass will get very active and begin building spawning nests when water temperature is 60-65 F. Look for bass in shallow water or near recently constructed nests in 3 to 15 feet of water.

Stripers are holding in warmer water as well. Go to the backs of canyons where the water color changes from clear to murky. The best depth to find stripers is 25 to 50 feet. I prefer to troll and watch the graph while waiting for a fish to hit the trolling lure. If a school of fish swims under the boat, stop immediately and drop a spoon into the school. When the school departs, continue trolling to find more fish. It is likely that you will catch a few stripers trolling, and a few more spooning. Do not be surprised to catch catfish on the bottom when bait fishing for stripers.

My prediction is that we are still two to three weeks away before all Lake Powell fish get into active mode due to warming water. If planning a fishing trip the last week of April would be a great target date.

I am going on a family vacation to Belize and will gone next week. This report will work for the next two weeks until I post a new report upon my return. Enjoy the lake!

Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report, April 1st 2022 - overview

Summary: Feature: Lake Powell Fishing Report, April 1st 2022


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