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Fall Equinox in 2013

September 20
22:41 2013

Driving Glare

The beginning of autumn is also known as the fall equinox began Sunday, September 22, in 2013. AAA Arizona wants to remind drivers that the sun will rise and set immediately due east and west for the few weeks before and after the 22nd, making it a challenge for drivers to see during commute times. Drivers should take precautions in order to avoid being blinded by the sun during this time, so don’t forget the shades!

Speaking of driving, the national average price of gasoline surpassed $3.00 per gallon tomorrow for the 1,000th consecutive day earlier this week on the 17th, for the first time ever. That means the nationwide average has been above $3.00 per gallon since Dec. 23, 2010. The average U.S. household in 2012 spent $2,912 on gasoline, or just under four percent of income before taxes, according to the Energy Information Administration. The current $3.00 fuel streak for Arizona started Feb. 1, 2011 so on Oct. 27 the Arizona average will have spent 1,000 consecutive days above $3.00 per gallon.

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