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FAA Regulations Don’t Fly

FAA Regulations Don’t Fly
June 01
02:51 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may be doing more harm than good with the regulations they’ve been implementing.

According to a report from Great Lakes Aviation, the airline had canceled 20 flights in just the first 15 days of May.

Bill Diak 5 13 15 small pic

Mayor Bill Diak

Citizens of Page are of course upset and many blame Great Lakes Aviation for the problems.

According to Mayor Bill Diak, however, the cancellations may not be entirely their fault.

“Because they’re in our backyard and they’re our carrier, they’re pointing fingers at Great Lakes, I agree that it’s not acceptable, but not all their fault,” said Diak, speaking to Lake Powell Communications.

He claims the FAA is responsible for a shortage of pilots because of their regulations.

The FAA implemented an Air Transport Pilot (ATP) 1,500 hour requirement that applies to First Officers.

This rule has hurt Essential Air Services (EAS) all over the country, not just here in Page.

In Greenville, Mississippi, they are losing their current EAS, SeaPort Airlines, because of the shortage caused by the regulation.

The Department of Transportation was forced to prohibit the termination of service for 30 days beyond the end of the air carrier’s 90 day notice period, to allow the city to work out another deal with a different airline company.

As for the other company that sought a deal with Page, Boutique; Show Low, Arizona had selected them as their Essential Air Service Provider.  Currently they may be regretting that decision, as the company does not have enough planes; though they promised Page they would have gotten more.  When they will acquire more planes has yet to be seen.

Show Low is now out of luck as they have lost their contract with Great Lakes Aviation.

Mayor Diak said he spoke with Doug Voss, the Chairman and President of Great Lakes Aviation, and told him, “I will hold your feet to the fire.”

They have yet to hold a meeting together to discuss possible ways to improve service in Page.

Diak said the main problem he wants to address is why they are not notifying people of their canceled flights before they get to the airport.

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