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Experimental Covid-19 Therapy

Experimental Covid-19 Therapy
March 25
11:59 2020

You may be wondering, like many of us, how things are progressing in the search for a cure for the Corona Virus.  Well, doctors in New York will soon test an experimental therapy for COVID-19 that is over a century old, and uses blood from people who recover from the disease. The therapy, known as convalescent plasma, takes advantage of the virus-fighting antibodies that are present in people’s blood after they recover from the illness, according to NBC News.

Researchers would collect plasma — from recovered COVID-19 patients. Researchers would then harvest antibodies against the new coronavirus from the plasma, and these antibodies would then be injected into people sick with COVID-19. The Researchers will then evaluate whether convalescent plasma improves disease outcomes. The trial, which officials plan to start this week, would only treat people who are seriously ill with COVID-19.

This type of therapy is more than 100 years old and was used during the 1918 flu pandemic, a time when antiviral drugs and most vaccines did not exist, according to NBC News. Recruiting for plasma donors would likely start in New York City where many of the state’s initial cases occurred.

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