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Ex-Tuba City Official Gets Jail Time

Ex-Tuba City Official Gets Jail Time
April 11
15:46 2019

Crime doesn’t pay – or does it?

This almost sounds like a good deal.

Former To’Nanees Dizi Chapter official Priscilla Littlefoot was sentenced to 165 days in jail after being convicted of embezzling more than $1 million in chapter funds.

Littlefoot, former executive manager for the chapter, diverted more than $1 million of chapter funds to herself over a four-year period, according to Navajo Nation’s White Collar Crime Unit.

Of course, her sentence involves more than just 165 days in tribal jail.

Littlefoot also must make restitution of $30,038.38 to the Navajo Nation under a plea agreement, according to Judge William Platero. She was also fined the maximum – $90,000 – which could be suspended after she serves 180 days of probation following her 165 days in jail.

Platero said that jail time was warranted because of the harm Littlefoot’s actions had on Tuba City residents and the Navajo Nation in general. Because she can not repay all the money she stole Littlefoot had to pay the debt owed with her freedom, Platero said.

Littlefoot used her position to forge checks and reimbursements for herself and members of her family.

In one day, prosecutors said, Littlefoot wrote 11 payroll checks to herself, totaling more than $15,000.

Between 2007-2012 Littlefoot diverted $1,059,596 of chapter funds for personal use.

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