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Even New Boats Can Sink

Even New Boats Can Sink
May 14
10:52 2019

We live in a boaters paradise but it’s also the time to be diligent about boat maintenance if you own your own vessel- one thing experienced Lake Powell boat owners know that even a brand new boat at the dock for the first time can sink….

Robert A. Adriance, in his book Seaworthy, states the following:

  • 50% of boats that sink at the dock do so because a fitting below the waterline failed.
  • Rain and snow account for another 32% of cases filed with BoatUS’s insurance division.
  • 9% were caused by a failed fitting above the waterline.
  • 8% were the result of poor docking “arrangement” (e.g., a boat getting caught under a dock by a rising tide).

These four categories of failure account for 99% of all sinkings at the dock, according to Adriance.

All of these causes can be easily avoided by some simple vigilance.

Here’s what to look for.

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